Chapter 1

One Drop Reggae

Reggae drumming, sometimes referred to as the One Drop, is a style of drumming that I have always found very interesting.  It has a very jazzy, funky, and smooth style.

Many drummers, when they play a certain groove, have a tendency to play a bass drum at the beginning of the measure.  Even though Reggae does at times have a bass drum on one, the main idea is to delay the bass drum until the third beat of the measure giving the music a slow quarter note, eigth note, or triplet feel.

The hi hat, in Reggae drumming, usually accents along with the rhythm guitar on the second and fourth beats of the measure, with the bass drum falling between those accents on the third beat of the measure.

A Reggae triplet feel may look like this:

with eighth notes:

or quarter notes: 


Remember to keep a heavy accent on two and four on the hi hat, at times, the left hand will play all throughout the measure on the snare, or rim shot, or tom tom, and also accenting on three with the bass drum.

The following page deals with eigth note fills off of the eigth note pattern:

After learning the fills between the bars (as written) try to play the fills over the bars (starting and ending on three).  Example:


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