Home Up

Home Up

Recorded with my daughters for our band Self Animation

Dance Riot is a protest song I wrote in December 2011.  It was inspired by some Dubstep music that Kara sent me.


The Immigrant Song is our arrangement and performance of the Led Zeppelin classic recorded in December 2011


Don't Let Me Down is a ballad my daughter Kara wrote, which we recorded in December 2011:


You can hear other Self Animation songs on our YouTube Channel.


Me Alone

This is me jamming endlessly to an old blues jam tape in July of 2011.  I've lost a lot of weight since then.


Here's a quirky tongue-in-cheek song about women, castration, supermodels and things like that. In it, a young man discusses recent conversation with a misogynistic, religious-zealot-authority-figure doctor. This was an experiment.



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