Company Profile

Digital Strategy Group is no longer an active company.  It served as the corporate identity of Nicholas Delonas for his consulting work from 1992 to 2005, until he accepted a full-time offer from a client.

At Digital Strategy Group, we specialized in the development of mission-critical financial applications and analytical models using Microsoft Excel, Access, VBA, Visual Basic and SQL, typically in client-server environments with Oracle or Sybase on the back end.

Our Mission Was

  1. To provide business executives and managers with consulting services, custom business software, Excel spreadsheet automation, documentation and training services of outstanding quality and strategic significance.
  2. To be the leader in developing sophisticated spreadsheet and business software that solves customer problems or improves competitiveness.
  3. To deal ethically and responsively with its employees, customers, suppliers and competitors.

Are you a fanatic? A manager must care intensely about running a first-class operation; if his golf game is what he thinks about while shaving, the business will show it. --WARREN BUFFET

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